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Moscow Day School

Play. Learn. Grow. 

Our Approach

Moscow Day School is a parent-run, not-for profit center committed to the earliest stages of childhood education. We invest in keeping our teacher-to-student ratios low to ensure our kids get the individual attention they need and deserve.


6 wks to 12-15 months


1-2 years old


2-3 years old


3-4 years old



4-5 years old

What Parents Think

"There is no easy time to find a new daycare for your child, but in the midst of a pandemic is probably the worst time to take on that mission. With that said, my wife Cara and I found a wonderful childcare/school facility here in Moscow for our budding 2-year old. We are very pleased with the quality, compassion, creativity, and thoughtfulness of Moscow Day School. Their response time to our inquires is immediate, their dedication to keep our child safe is excellent, and their outreach to families to keep us informed about our child's experience and day is unparalleled. Lastly, the curriculum that they develop for early learners is extremely fun and engaging, making our daughter's day a very positive experience that she looks forward to every morning."

Kaia's mom & dad

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