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Diverse Learning Environments



Our infant program began in August 2015. Moscow Day School is excited about the opportunity to watch children grow from infant to Pre-K.

By keeping a low infant-to-teacher ratio, we will be able to work individually with the needs of each infant. Each infant's sleeping and feeding routines are respected at Moscow Day School.


Our new formed waddler program is a wonderful addition to our school. The assistance added in this classroom by giving our freshly "waddling" infants more space and time to practice before their skills before officially joining the toddler class. 

This class will also participate in regular outside recess, requiring shoes daily. 



In the toddler program, our toddlers have opportunities to explore a variety of domains: large motor, small motor, crafts, and "learning through play." Days are loosely structured so that toddlers can exercise their independence of choice, but some structured activities are planned throughout the day. These vary every day, and they include a specific large motor activity (like running, jumping, and climbing - outside, when weather permits) and fine motor activities (like doing puzzles or sorting beads). These structured activities help prepare toddlers for the Preschool (and later Pre-K) classes. Throughout the day, toddlers might learn about colors, animals, animal noises, counting 1-5, their ABC's, and social skills.


The Preschool classroom is all about the kids exploring the next steps of development. While in Preschool your child will work on their fine motor skills, literacy, math, language, arts, and imagination. Preschool is all about hands on activities that teach the kids how to share, listen, use their words, and explore!

Each week we introduce a new theme that will be a part of our curriculum. We follow a schedule every day that teaches the kids a normal routine. While in Preschool, we will be learning toiletry habits and practicing good hygiene. Preschool explores free play, circle time, tabletops, and outdoor activities every day. Preschool will prepare the kids for the next steps going into Pre-K.



The Pre-K classroom is more structured than the other classes in order to best prepare students for kindergarten. Though there is plenty of time for indoor and outdoor free play, each morning and afternoon children work on projects and "tabletops," including art projects, science experiences, "handwriting without tears," and specialized fine motor development activities. There are daily story times, and regularly scheduled activities throughout the day. Children continue to enhance their development from previous experience, and to practice basic skills like sharing, listening, good social interactions, hygiene, and cleaning up.

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