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Waiting List & Enrollment

Waiting List

You are welcome to download, print and complete our waiting  list application. Once you submit your completed form to the Director along with the $25 application fee, you will be notified when your child's added to our school's waiting list and one step closer to being enrolled in the MDS community.

For more information call



Once enrolled, we are so excited to have you part of our MDS family. We will need the following items before your child's first day. 

1. Completed and signed enrollment paperwork (one will be emailed to you once accepted into MDS)

2. Food Allergy/Intolerance Form

3. Signed Parent Handbook

4. Current Immunization Records


Tuition & Fees


$850/mo     5-days/wk

$650/mo     3-days/wk

$550/mo     2-days/wk


3-4yrs old, potty trained

$900/mo     5-days/wk

$700/mo     3-days/wk

$600/mo     2-days/wk


2-3yrs old, not potty trained

$950/mo     5-days/wk

$750/mo     3-days/wk

$650/mo     2-days/wk

5-days (Monday-Friday), 3-days (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), 2-days (Tuesday, Thursday)


15-25 months

$1,000/mo   5-days/wk

$800/mo     3-days/wk

$700/mo     2-days/wk


6wks - 15 months

$1,050/mo   5-days/wk

$850/mo     3-days/wk

$750/mo     2-days/wk

4+ years old

Non-potty trained students will continue paying the Toddler rate, no matter the classroom

(Preschool or Pre-K), until they become potty trained.

Tuition Payments & Late Fees -

You will receive your invoice electronically through Procare by the 1st of each month. Tuition payment is due in full by the 5th of each month.

Tuition Late Fees: 

$50 additional fee (per tuition).......... on the 6th of the month

$75 additional fee (per tuition).......... on the 11th of the month

$100 additional fee (per tuition)........ on the 16th of the month

Enrollment Terminated...................... on the 25th of the month

If tuition payment is not received in full by the 25th of the month and the Director has not been notified of a need for a payment plan, your child's enrollment will be terminated immediately and the outstanding account will be forwarded to collections.

Payment plans may only be made up to three times per calendar year. Late payments, or payment arrangements in excess may be cause for dismissal. 

Waiting List Application Fee - 

All new families are required to pay a $25 application fee at the time of submitting the waiting list application. If after submitting your child's application, you choose not to attend, you will forfeit your application fee. Your waiting list application will not be accepted without the $25 fee.

Supply Fee - 

To cover the cost of our many activities and projects, a $60 per child fee will be added to tuition invoices 3 times a year. Summer, Fall and Winter (supply fee will be pro-rated for those enrolling later in summer or enrolling for partial semester sessions).

How much tuition will be billed each month?

MDS averages the number of school weeks per month over the course of the school year. This means your tuition will be the same amount each month, regardless of how many school weeks are actually in that month. Monthly tuition is determined by the number of hours and days your child attends each week by 4 (the average number of school weeks per month).

Drop-In Care -

Drop-in care is sometimes available at $5.00 per hour for Pre-K and $5.50 per hour for Preschool, Toddler, Waddler and Infants. We do require advance notification to verify that space is available.

Summer Holding Fee -

A summer holding fee is available if you wish to spend the summer with your child while holding their space at MDS. You have the option of payment this fee in full at $900 for June, July and August or spreading the payment over the course of the school year by adding an additional $100 to your monthly tuition payment.

Sick Days & Early Pick-Ups -

There is no credit for sick days or early pick-up times.

Late Pick-Up Fee - 

Our program ends promptly at 5:00pm. If your child is picked up past this time, you will be required to pay an additional fee of $5.00 per minute. 

If a parent/guardian does not show up to pick up their child by 5:00pm, the teachers will immediately call the parent/guardian and emergency contacts. If the child remains at the school at 5:30pm without communication from the parent/guardian and no designated person arrives to pick up the child, then the police will be contacted and a police officer will come to the school and take the child to the police station.


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